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Terry Fogarty (terry@diagonallock.org)
Date:27/05/2011 13:39:56
Subject:High Speed Rail - money worth spent?
 The high-speed rail link proposed from Birmingham to London (HS2) is estimated to cost £18 billion. This is a substantial investment for a service which will benefit a small percentage of business commuters who have a need to go to central London, and can afford the premium fares.

HS2 will not have any significant benefit for freight transporters, or for a the wider population in the midlands and the south of England. Investment in the transport infrastructure is critical, however I believe that if £18 billion were to be spent on re-generating and expanding our waterways network, it would have far greater benefits for the transport network and for the economy - with the potential to develop a new industry and thousands of long-term jobs for future generations.

Do you agree with HS2? Do you believe more money should be directed into our waterways network?
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Terry Fogarty (terry@diagonallock.org)
Date:25/05/2011 21:57:24
Subject:Camp Hill locks - Birmingham
 We have completed some preliminary research to investigate the feasibility of a Diagonal Lock at Camp Hill locks, Birmingham.

Significant investment has been earmarked for Birmingham's Big City Plan and we believe that the Diagonal Lock can contribute to the success of Birmingham's regeneration programme.

Let us know what you think!!
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