Terry Fogarty is owner and Managing Director of Fogarty Castings (Solihull) Ltd, the Birmingham-based business he started over 25 years ago.

Fogarty Castings produces high-quality, bespoke plaques which are hand-designed and casted. It also produces lead cast letters which are used internationally in industrial radiography. As a successful businessman, Terry is extremely proud of his company’s heritage in industrial design, and is still passionate about the craftsmanship produced by Fogarty Castings.

In addition to running his business, Terry has been active in local politics in Solihull, Birmingham for many years. His energy and enthusiasm for his local community has involved him in numerous campaigns, ranging from fundraising to saving the A&E unit at Solihull hospital.

Terry Fogarty

A younger looking Terry Fogarty with some of his paintings and plaques designed by Fogarty Castings
A younger looking Terry with some of his paintings and plaques designed by Fogarty Castings

Terry has been a canal enthusiast for many years and is a proud owner of a narrow-boat, which he enjoys relaxing on with his wife Ann. He is also a keen painter and has painted many landscape scenes of the canals in and around Birmingham.

Terry’s paintings have been featured in an exhibition in Birmingham, and prints of some of his paintings can be seen in the local pubs where his boat is moored.

Having devised and developed the concept of the Diagonal Lock, Terry has been focussing an increasing amount of his time and energy in developing this technology and raising awareness of the Diagonal Lock. He is extremely confident that his invention will have significant benefits for U.K. waterways, and potentially other waterway networks around the world.

"It will be a triumph to see the concept come to fruition. The boost to tourism, the job opportunities and the environmental impact will be phenomenal."

Terry Fogarty - Inventor

This video is an extract from 'Waterworld', first shown on ITV in February 2007. Terry Fogarty explains the functionality and advantages of the Diagonal Lock.